About my new album, Black Moon Rising

About my new album, Black Moon Rising

About my new album, Black Moon Rising

The last few years have been about the most heartbreaking that I’ve ever had.

From the death of my much loved wicked stepmother, to fiery breakups that left me feeling ashamed, guilty, and angry- I had a lot of material for ‘shadow music’. Shadow music is a term I use to describe music that speaks to the dark, and even destructive emotions. I think that sad, angry music, can sometimes be the best therapy… At least it is for me.

In its cinematic emotionalism, colorful instrumentation, and intricate textures, I hope Black Moon Rising takes your soul on a journey through what pains you, and to the other side. (All in less that 20 minutes!)

Black moon rising will be available on iTunes in February 2016.

You can enjoy the video for ‘Sorry’ from the album below. All likes and shares are appreciated. So, go ahead and make my day!

What is a black moon?

We’ve all heard of a red moon, yellow moon, even pink moon…

… but what is a black moon?

Once we all thought the moon to be white,

whiter than snow and bright. But that’s not true, it is a Black Moon…

appearing so bright, yet so dark, made up of dust an unremarkable gray.

This is the black moon.

The black moon is the reality behind the glimmer

the black moon is the moon that denies the sun

Which after all, is her waning nature.

Does it impress you that something so dark could shine so bright, and bring such poetic casts to a comparatively glimmer-less night?

I think it’s important to be impressed.

I think it’s important that the dark side of the moon

is realized as simply, as–

                    the moon…

      Beautiful, Dark, Cosmic, and Cyclical.

So is life–Beautiful, dark, cosmic, cyclical.

After all it’s one of the darkest rocks in the sky that fills our night with light, and the darkest corners of our mind that challenge our purity to shine.

Like us, It is in the moon’s nature to be dark,

because to be dark is to be able to reflect light.

Can you see the black moon rising?



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