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A Pacific-Northwest newspaper ran this August 2015 article, covering Angela’s forthcoming appearance on a lifestyle reality TV show.

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“Unplugged Nation” episode

Tuned for adventure.

Angela takes her musicianship into the outback, in this episode of “Unplugged Nation” – a show in which city-folk try out the off-grid, unplugged lifestyle.

Angela’s episode originally aired on August 5th, 2015.

You can view the episode on Amazon; more options available through

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Wow you’re truly a unique & a great artist!! Haunting and yet still beautiful, I really like this piece.


When the source material is so iconic, apparently unassailable, and a new interpretation transcends it then something very special is happening!


Delightful piece, Angela. Enchanting vocals and beautiful arrangement.


Totally original indie voice, magical composition and delivery:)

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