Gonna Love It

Songs from the Girl
Enjoy Angela’s debut album, Songs from the Girl, a singer-songwriter album, steeped in jazz and folk influences. Exploring the journey into womanhood, these songs take you through laughter and tears, and whatever lies between. The music is a tapestry of voice and acoustic guitar, woven with care, heart, and craft.

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…the coming-soon.

Lying on Ice

Angela’s newest collaboration finds her¬†bending electronic genres in Lying on Ice. Ambient, industrial, neoclassical, pop, infused with ethnic sounds from around the world. Imagine Chopin with an iPad, cutting his teeth in Goa and traveling the world. Yeah.

Lying on Ice‘s debut album is due to be released at the end of 2015, but they’re already trending around the world – currently sitting at #15 globally in the Reverbnation Alternative charts.

Drink the sound.