13 States in 13 Days

13 States in 13 Days

13 States in 13 Days

Goodbye again, Los Angeles. It’s late March and I’m on my way to what I could probably start calling home.  When I set off from Los Angeles earlier this year I thought that at this point I’d be awkwardly taking a picture with a camel somewhere in the Sahara.  In fact, I am awkwardly typing a wayward blog post while driving through cow country in northern Nevada.  Surprise and expectation have been so unusual these days that I can’t even tell them apart anymore. I’m falling in love with the unknown, which is proving to be a process of letting go, receiving, and focusing.

On Valentine’s Day, 2015 we for a road trip we affectionately referred to as “13 States in 13 Days.”  My body was still coping with snowy, cold weather- you can see the bags under my eyes in this picture to prove it!

The snow through Pennsylvania brought visibility down to “oh shit” at times, but seemed to calm down once we passed through Illinois.

Not only did the weather settle down, but so did everything else… Iowa, and Nebraska are remarkably flat monotonous landscapes, so I began mixing!

The corridor of cool seemed to be in the Black Hills, South Dakota. A heartland of Native American spiritualism, great co-ops, hip street art and friendly people afforded us a couple of days of rest and sightseeing.


Missoula Montana, home of banjo playing hipster cowboys, backyard farms, and bicycle enthusiasts was the first legitimately bad-ass town we had seen in days. Though we only spent one day in Missoula, we got invited to two awesome music shows, and went to two different fantastic tea and coffee shops! (That’s my kind of town) We stopped in to chat with a Yurt manufacturer (run mainly by musicians) and to do some shopping at a market that would make Whole Foods blush, called Good Food Store.


We also had an awesome time staying with some friends in Spokane, and had even more fun learning that Spokane is pronounced “Spo-can”, not Spo-cane”.

Upon arriving at the farm after a 3,000 mile tea party in a Subaru, we crashed for days before feeling like real human beings again. Check out this Road Trip Map!

When we finally came around we got to start our new WOOFER life for a 2-month residency in Okanogan, Washington. (don’t know what a WOOFER is?)

We raked, and we raked… and we raked some more. We split wood (okay, Daniel split wood) tilled the land (okay that was Daniel too) and started seedlings. (yay me!) I fashioned myself a recording studio in the wood-stove sauna, and was given my very first farm-girl vest! We’ve got good wifi, wonderful friends, dogs to play with, cool cats, and the daily march of spring budding around us in waves of green.

Thanks for sharing this adventure with me, and please talk to me in the comments below.

Surprises make things interesting, and expectations make things sustainable.  This gypsy existence has taught me to embrace change, and generate a field of gratitude that both heals me, and teaches me humility like nothing ever has.


So, what’s next for me? I’m ready for my closeup; reality shows, being on tv, and ducks.


Stay tuned, and deeply resonant.

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