Beyond Portlandia

Beyond Portlandia

Beyond Portlandia

It all started with a simple question: “Where is the best place to plant an apple tree?” After a few solid minutes of scrupulous surfing of the inter-webs, a very serious life-choice was underway… Let’s take a road trip! Of course, every great trip requires a great crew.

Meet the cast of this epic tale:

Amira ‘The She-ra‘ Shilleh

Señor Ruskadimov

The Paw

The La

Portland, Magical land of the $40 Organic Feast
It was Christmas time in Portland, and all through the town no-one was stirring… Particularly Daniel who had just finished about 11 hours of straight driving through the night.

But seriously, there really were very few people in the streets of Portland… Perhaps it was the bone-chilling breeze, or the large number of awesome micro-breweries… We had plenty of space, and never had to pump our own gas. (“You’re in Oregon, you don’t pump your own gas”, we were informed with a suspicious grimace… after pumping our own gas)

We celebrated NYE at StormBreaker’s and nearly died from food-gasm. I highly recommend the everything.


After not making reservations for New Years Eve dinner, and realizing we should have made reservations for New Years Day brunch, we were on our way to the mystical land known as, “See it All”.

Goodbye Portland, you comfortably-clothed, messy-haired, cheap-theater haven of brunch-lovers!


See-it-all (Seattle) Where we really did not see it all

After another  four hours on the road, we arrived in Seattle just in time to pee! After a magical romp to the local Starbucks (one of several) and a quick bite at a heavily vandalized cafe, we were on our way… but wholly inspired by the fancy boots, and high fashion sense of all 10 people we saw roaming the streets of Seattle this fine New Years Day.

Did someone say “kittens”?!

Our stay in the dirt road region known as Okanogan was about as sweet as it gets. We enjoyed an awesome wood-burning sauna (photos not included), a fresh layer of snow, a sweet jam-session (home-made apricot), and many friendly country folk.

Sadie, our Air-B&B host, was super helpful and made sure we were plenty warm, and kitten infused in our funky little hippie house.

I also got to spend some time with my Aunt Deanna, (aint she purdy) and have some of the most delicious food ever. (Ask me about the vegan-gluten-free bread) It seems that the further north you go the better quality ingredients you get, and the less it costs ya!


Okanogan (Oak-A-Noggin) At-A-Backwards-Glance

Population: app. 41,000

Persons per Household: 1.23

Kittens per Household: 2

90’s VHS per household: app. 30

Standard level of awesome: HIGH

 UFO sightings per road trip: 1

Cost/gallon of gas: really f&$^n’ cheap

In Conclusion

I think I’ll build a yurt and move to nowhere, but first: The Grand Adventure of the Secret Audition, also known as “Why is Angela on the East Coast?”

Stay in tune, and deeply resonant!


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